Action Sustainability delivers sustainable procurement and supply chain management training in various formats depending on your organisation's requirements and objectives. All our training, in whatever format or for whichever audience, is based on the principles of the British Standard for Sustainable Procurement, BS8903.  This standard, authored by Action Sustainability, is currently the only one available for sustainable procurement, and is being used as the basis for the upcoming ISO standard on sustainable procurement.  By using BS8903 we can ensure a firm foundation on which to build our training and your learning.

Training Sessions

Our training sessions range from beginner through to more advanced, two-day courses and cater for all levels of ability, experiences and understanding of the principles of sustainability and procurement.  And as the principles of BS8903 are applicable to any sector and any size of organisation, we can use our experience to shape the training to suit your needs and expected outcomes. 

Most Popular Course

Our most popular course is a 1-day in-house session at your location where we train 10 - 20 of your team.  This training day is ideal for procurement professionals who need to gain an understanding of the principle of sustainable procurement.  A typical agenda for a day's training looks like this:

  • Introductions, round table, aims of the training
  • Overview of sustainability: what does sustainability mean to you and your organisation?
  • Introduction to Sustainable Procurement and BS8903: the Standard for Sustainable Procurement, and how sustainability  applies to supply chain strategy, including examples of where it's been successful
  • Fundamentals.  What are the business case and building blocks for embedding sustainability at your organisation?
  • Enablers Part 1.  What needs to be in place across an organisation for sustainable procurement to be successful: leadership, culture, skillsets, risk & opportunity evaluation, stakeholder & supplier engagement, and data management systems
  • Enablers Part 2.  Assessing risk and opportunity in your organisation's supply chain - where should Procurement focus its efforts on sustainability?
  • Procurement process.  Where and how can procurement be embedded in day-to-day procurement processes
  • Action planning - what steps does your organisation need to take to fully embed and drive sustainable procurement.

Senior Management

We also undertake training at a senior management / C-suite level to really get at the business drivers for being sustainable: this helps greatly in setting the course for the organisation with respect to sustainability. 

But whatever the level of training, our approach is to give you accessible and interactive training solutions that suit the needs of your colleagues. We want to give you the most from the time we spend with you, not only teaching and training you like many other courses do, but also leaving you with the skills to do it yourself once we've gone.

Open Public Courses

As well as our tailored in-house courses, we also deliver "open" public courses through our various partnerships with CIPS (any sectors and CIRIA (construction).  These are suited to organisations who only need one or two people to be trained, or for people in a research role such as academia.  Please see the CIPS and CIRIA Websites for more details.

  • 94% of delegates who attended the training rate the quality of the trainers as excellent or good
  • 93% of delegates rate the content of the training as excellent or good
  • 96% of delegates who attended the training say it met their expectation

For more information on our sustainable procurement training course's please contact our training team on 0207 697 1963 or email

We aim to lead and inspire sustainable supply chain management