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What we do


The information and diagram above, are based on the BS8903 Standard for Sustainable procurement, details some of the services that our experienced team can provide to help you transform your supply chain's contribution to your sustainability objectives.

Support on Procurement Fundamentals

  • Lead workshops to assess key drivers for sustainability in your organisation and how they play into procurement policy.
  • Write, review and revise Sustainable Procurement Policies, Strategies, Charters and Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Link your corporate strategic objectives and goals to an effective sustainable supply chain management strategy
  • Undertake benchmark assessments against your peers
  • Interaction with the Board to get their understanding and support.
  • Train staff to understand the importance of sustainability to organisational success
  • Undertake BS 8903 assessment across whole of the framework for sustainable procurement and provide recommendations for improvement

Support on Enablers

  • Training sessions for procurement and non-procurement staff, e.g. designers/ specifiers, project managers on the reasons for and how you incorporate sustainability into procurement.
  • Workshops for procurement teams on strategic aspects of sustainability,  e.g. heatmapping risk assessments.
  • Development of specific e-learning resources for staff on sustainability topics.
  • Development of metrics & KPIs and analysis of progress to build the evidence of increasing sustainability in supply chains
  • Drafting of sustainable supply chain sections for Corporate Reporting and website.
  • Developing recruitment profiles and personal objectives containing sustainability
  • Support for ‘Meet the Buyer’ events with suppliers.

Support on Procurement Process

  • Guidance with procurement staff on how to embed sustainability further in their day-to-day procurement work.
  • Assessments of suppliers and products in the market place for their level of sustainability.
  • Support on developing tender specifications, criteria and evaluation processes
  • Developing approaches to sustainability at Category Management level
  • Market research into product / material supplier sustainability
  • Advice on product (eco-) labelling and 'green claims'

We aim to lead and inspire sustainable supply chain management